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Immune System

The immune system is a network of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to defend the body against attacks by “foreign” invaders. These are primarily microbes—tiny organisms such as bacteria, parasites, and fungi that can cause infections. Viruses also cause infections, but are too primitive to be classified as living organisms. The human body provides an ideal environment for many microbes. It is the immune system’s job to keep them out or, failing that, to seek out and destroy them.


Although scientists have learned much about the immune system, they continue to study how the body launches attacks that destroy invading microbes, infected cells, and tumors while ignoring healthy tissues. New technologies for identifying individual immune cells are now allowing scientists to determine quickly which targets are triggering an immune response. Improvements in microscopy are permitting the first-ever observations of living B cells, T cells, and other cells as they interact within lymph nodes and other body tissues.

In addition, scientists are rapidly unraveling the genetic blueprints that direct the human immune response, as well as those that dictate the biology of bacteria, viruses, and parasites. The combination of new technology and expanded genetic information will no doubt reveal even more about how the body protects itself from disease.


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Written by The Paramedic NREMT Daily   
Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Hi, I just finished taking the NREMT Paramedic exam, and found out that it is pretty tough! (As I am sure you heard) I decided to talk to people and get their feedback on how to best study for the NREMT exam.  First of all, I only spoke to those that took the recently took the test. Next, I created exams that revolve around all the things you NEED to know! No fluff, the tests contain information vital to your passing. So, if you want to take some free exams, click below. If you want REAL tips! Purchase my custom tests! They are timed based, and contain real feedback and "REALLY GOOD"  tips! Buy the best NREMT preparation tests here!

 Here is a sample paramedic exam I created! Make sure you look at the tips I
included (You may see them again!)

Free Paramedic Practice Test links:

Paramedic test 1 (Random)
Paramedic test 2 (Cardiology) Sample Paramedic Exam   

Paramedic Tests 2
Paramedic Tests 3

This week will bring Firefighter exams to the table. Read more.. 

  We will be updating today!


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Paramedic Tests

I did the same thing for EMTs, now I am doing it for Paramedics! was created by a Paramedic!

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Here is a quote from one of our customers

"Thanks for your help and the stuff you sent me helped me out a lot and focus on the stuff I needed to study instead of it being so kicked out of test at...71 questions....i cried thinking that I failed because one of my coworkers took at least 150 questions and she passed...but....everyting worked out and I guest it depends on which test you take right? you have a good day...i know I will I am walking on the clouds and proud of myself and thanks thanks thanks again."

"Thanks Burgy"

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Everything listed on this site comes directly from feedback provided by paramedics that have actually taken the test. Paramedic Practice Test will not post anything that is specific to helping you pass the National Registry Exam for Paramedics.

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In other news

This week will bring Firefighter exams to the table. Read more..

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